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Polyolefin Shrink Films

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Polyolefin Shrink Film

Clear Choice Packaging is exclusively aligned with Syfan Films USA. Syfan is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of polyolefin shrink films strategically located in North Carolina that produces a comprehensive line of films suitable for all shrink packaging applications. We stock or have access to film grades that qualify for USDA, FDA, US Postal Service and Kosher certifications. Whether your application requires ultra high durability, anti-fog, anti static, recyclability, degradability, or compostability we have a film to meet your needs.

Related Items - Our shrink wrap related products include maintenance items for shrink wrap equipment. This includes Teflon tape, seal pads, nichrome sealing wire, and machine parts for most makes and models of sealers and tunnels.

We can also assist you in purchasing or leasing new or used Shrink wrap equipment.